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Old Scandinavians are Net Crazy!!

November 14, 2006

Our Nordic Trends data shows that 2 to 3 times as many Danes over 55 and 65 years of ageĀ are very active on the net, compared with the rest of Europe. This also applies to Swedes. Is this interesting? you bet! Sales of Health products are booming. So are properties and holidays abroad. Who do you think is buying all this stuff online?

Not many DANES: Well of course there are many more Germans or British in the world than Danes! With abour 5.6 million Danes on the planet compared to 80+million german speakers, the Greater Hamborg area is just about comparable with all of Denmark in terms of population. However Hamborg belonged to old Denmark and who knows we might just get it back some day! Let me clarify the age group 55 and older in Denmark as a percentage of the danish population are very active online users on the internet as opposed to the same age group percentage in Germany, France and UK. In fact the percentage is up to three times greater for that age group in Denmark as opposed to the percentage of Germans active online in that age group in Germany