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Tony Blair and ‘Open’

April 10, 2008

I met the illustrious ex-UK prime minister Tony Blair yesterday at Børsens Executive Forum. As an Irishman, I was never enamoured much by Blair, but I must say he converted me! His proclamation that the World is going east and his conviction that we need to ‘open’ up our global world makes him one of ours. He does know how to bring split factions together as it is to  his credit, (together with the female appeaser Bill Clinton)that Northern Ireland is a beacon of human reconciliation for the World. His focus on ‘OPEN’ is a direct appeal to reorient our staid national ridden society to view our opportunities as a universal ‘web’. It is wonderful to see the ‘establishment’ finally ‘get it’. I hope his message rubs off on his fellow European politicians! We should not have to wait for them to retire  to see the light. Blair is worth his speaking fee.