When ‘old’ media becomes ‘new’: Berlingske the case.

Lisbeth Knudsen made quite a stir at the SIME event in Copenhagen yesterday. She stunned critics in the strategy she outlined for Berlingske Media, the erstwhile ‘Berlingske Officin’ and currently a Mecom owned company. Her play on ‘Web First’ and admission that context is equally important in terms of content, was quite an eyeopener. ‘One editorial room for all media’ she declared with a follow-up comment that change for all, including journalists was mandatory or else they wold not be at Berlingske in the future. Interestingly the commercialization of the editorial role was key to the strategy and indeed any ‘old world’ notions of pure unfettered commercial news-gathering were definitely out the window. Kudos to this lady as she reinvents the most venerable of institutions and may I say it, what a difference it would make at  another venerable institution, DR the local public service broadcaster to have her qualities on board. Perhaps she will be soon needed to inspire them once again and the newly elected Chairman Michael Christiansen would be wise to invoke Lisbeth Knudsens council to survive where others have failed.


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