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Mobile Advertising; Where is the Beef?

December 1, 2008

I get a lot of questions from media folks regarding Mobile Advertising. One of the best ERFA groups within the field is hosted by FDIH: Communication and Marketing. I attended one last week and

Martin Ottesen and Michael Grindsted from Responsfabrikken provided key insights into this esoteric discipline. Bottom line is Mobile advertising is a tool to instigate users to interact with a brand. It is not a stand-alone ad platform: it motivates the consumer to interact and the vehicle is SMS. Rather primitive I must say: but it works and the cases I have looked at are pretty convincing. Mobile advertising as a platform per se remains relatively underdeveloped viz-a-viz the web. As a conduit for user interaction with a brand it is rather supreme. That my friends is as far as it goes, right now while we wait in anticipation for Godot. I mean Android!