CSR and the WEB opportunity

Corporate Social Responsibility is the new Mantra of the big wheelers. Annette Stube, Director for CSR at AP Møller Mærsk let it be known yesterday at the venerable Headquarters of AP Møller in Copenhagen; all corporate decisions would be viewed in a socially moral context for the group of 110.000 employees worldwide. Head of Group for the Environment, Joseph Nazareth, declared all environmental decisions would be scrutinized for growth through the environment; and described the climatic challenge as a business opportunity. This is Denmark’s largest company with shipping and oil exploration interests. Particularly the media was singled out as a target ‘stakeholder’ with specific mention of tabloid newspapers, where socially critical stories must be managed. The Web, well she had no idea how to tackle this, and, yes she had heard of social networks. But what to do about them, the jury is out! I believe this to be fairly representative of the way large companies view their social environment. With more than 1.8 million Danes engaging on Facebook with all kinds of social concerns (the highest in the world for any nation on Facebook), here we have a major global corporation worried about a paper tabloid that sells less than 100k copies per day. OK what an opportunity to get with it!


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