TV for the Danes?

Bernstein Research predicts a 20% to 30% drop in 2009 TV station ad revenues. This morning Lars Thunø, research director at DR delightedly explained in Berlingske how Danes are spending 3.5 hours per day stuck to the TV box. The same people according to the  data, spend just under an hour on the computer per day, and the conclusion was obvious: advertisers should spend more on TV advertising than on line!.

What was not highlighted was the fact that TV viewers on average spend  under one hour on all three  public services DR channels combined, and without any advertising.   The time for TV advertisers is split between state owned TV2 channels and others. This is an increasingly fragmented broadcast TV market, where coincidentally a significant viewer population either multitask with mobiles and gaming consols,  or engage in ad- skipping.  Granted TV broadcasting can be communal as when we watch a football match or movie, but even here this happens at most once a week in the average household.

TV is more a background phenomenon today, much like radio or furniture and art on the wall. Engaged dialogue is effectively a web or mobile experience where the user is fully conscious of the interaction and advertising works when the user chooses to make it relevant, otherwise ads will not exist. Give me one hour of focused interaction per day rather than 3 hours of background noise!


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