Mobile phone freedom remains a dream: 10 year on!

It is always a pleasure to meet again with Mike Moran, the erstwhile Web Architect of IBM Inc.

Finally Mike has resigned from Big Blue to aid humanity in understanding the exigencies of search marketing for success in business growth. Mike preaches at all times quality and integrity of content as the resolution to big companies intent on winning commerce through the web channel. He shuns all forms of charlatan maneuvers to out illicitly maneuver Google, MSN, and Yahoo in their algorithmic quest for relevance and context. Now Mike sees the next wave:

Mobile Search will far exceed PC search in terms of use and abuse. This means the killer application is, (according to Mike) voice response and synthesis for search widgets on the mobile phone. It will exceed all and everything before it on the mobile platform. To this I say 10 years after the first Web connection to mobile phones, so what! Navigation and Browsing on the mobile is pathetic and a pain in my lower abdomen.  According to Forrester, just 14% of mobile users  use the web on their mobile and despite web access available to all users, just 50% are even aware the internet is accessible to them on the mobile. Contrast this to 100% of PC users who are continually 100% conscious of the web, and more than a third actually do so on-the-go at all times! #mce_temp_url#The mobile world is a lethargic synthesis of old plain telecom monopolies turned mobile with a complete lack of net neutrality, which we consumers value so much on the Web. I relish the day not far off , hopefully when we will have the freedom, flexibility and neutrality that we love so much about the web. Until then the mobile remains stunted and repressed in human consciousness.


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