Google Sweden and the attorneys.

A couple of Swedes have reported Google Sweden to the police, alleging the search giant is aiding propagation of bit torrent tracker files. In other words Google is guilty of allowing people to search and experience content made available by other people. One would imagine with the economic crisis in full swing in the Swedish Kingdom, attorneys had plenty of work available feeding off bankruptcy booty: alas no! The time has come to generate attorney hours by attacking the principles of  transparency and neutrality on  the Web. It can not be the obligation of Google , You Tube, Yahoo andFacebook  to  police and censor the expression of individuals on the Web. If we even contemplate this then our rights as democratic citizens will be seriously compromized.


My take is it is the sole responsibility of each citizen to uphold copyright laws and not the ‘plumbers’ of the web. We could just as well agree to outlaw mobile phones, PC’s, PDA’s and yes electronic book readers. We could all be legally compelled  to revert to paper media and CDs, now there is an idea, the media industry would love. The attorneys could go after thousands of individuals instead of  the  ‘plumbers and carpenters’ of the web and generate invoiceable hours that way- although who would pay?


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