Are PR people Spam?

November 8, 2007

Just read this piece from  NY Times ( now free of charge yesterday):

The gloves came off last week in the perpetual “hacks vs. flacks” battle after Chris Anderson, the executive editor of Wired magazine, chided “lazy flacks” who deluge him with news releases “because they can’t be bothered to find out who on my staff, if anyone, might actually be interested” in what they’re pitching. “I’ve had it,” Anderson wrote on his blog on Oct. 29. “I get more than 300 e-mails a day and my problem isn’t spam … it’s P.R. people,” 

Exactly the issue, wanton PR is rampant and destroying itself in the interactive age. PR is no longer an afterthought for a company that decides to promote postive things about itself. I get about 150 PR and spam mails daily and they all end up in my filter file. The PR industry has to move from merely spining stories and testamonials to becoming accolades for a cause. Quite honestly any leader of a company that is not articulate in his opinion and can convince employees, shareholders and customers of his value, should not be there. A spin-doctor is a death sentence.


Is Google positioning itself to buy Microsoft?

November 7, 2007

Heard on the street this morning…. Google is a phenomenon not a media company!

The phenomenon known as Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is beyond remarkable. It defies almost any MBA course case study. This company was founded less than 10 years ago in 1998. The company went public in August 2004 and has already captured a market capitalization of $225.70 billion and commands a share price of $723.00. The company has delivered earnings and revenue consistency that almost belies logic. It has literally beaten every quarter’s estimates and yet provides little to no guidance. In the next five years, Google will be bigger than Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) in the most important metric: market capitalization.

Microsoft currently has a Market Capitalization of $344 Billion and its price per share has remained steady averaging just $32.05 a share price with 9.4 billion shares outstanding.

Google already dominates the Global search market with both Microsoft and Yahoo just barely keeping hold of their dwindling market share.

But where does Google go from here? With expected earnings per share this year ending December 2007 at over $15 and December 2008 earnings per share over $20 (that’s of course before Google beats the estimates and analysts raise them again), the next stop is $800-925.

Google has an incredible opportunity to race up to a $500 billion market capitalization within the next five years if not sooner, and it will be bigger than Microsoft

Joost up your life!

October 3, 2007

The two file sharing internet entrepreneurs, Danish born Janus Friis and his Swedish partner, Niklas Zennström have finally released JOOST, the much hyped  global IP TV streaming inititiative for the planet. Expectations are of an equivalent Skype order of magnitude of up to 100 million viewers in three years according to Friis this morning! Some going, and with a bit of luck,  just might make it. Afer all there are 6 billion inhabitants on the planet indicating the market target for JOOST is about 1.6% of mankind, roughly the price of a skype-out call in cents.

There are of course many other contenders for the prize, but then this was also the case with music file sharing and voice over IP. The reality is that YouTube has already passed this target for social video networking, and with the unflinching performance capability of file sharing in the video environment for professional broadcasting, the Skype and Kasaa dynamic-duo may have launched the next big thing.  They need it now that the bonus of $1.7 billion from eBay has dissapated into the sun. The question is how long will this continue before Microsoft follows in the footsteps of eBay and pays an extraordinary (over) price to join the JOOST party? After all that is what this is all about.


October 1, 2007

TDC Cable TV Network has henceforth declared that they shall for ever more be referred to as ‘YouSee’ to take advantage of the hip brand status attained by social marketing video giant ‘YouTube’ Of course Google owner of ‘YouTube’ is currently sueing ‘ for the subdomain ‘JewTube’.com. By the way ‘j’ is pronounced ‘y’ in this part of the world. McDonalds have on many occassions established precedence in winning any attempt to usurp the Mc title in association with any food marketing attempts by unwary innocent souls, even for the sale of sausages! Now we sit back and see what ‘YouSee’ is what you get’ and hope TDC lawyers can win on this occassion.

Free video on your mobile

September 28, 2007

My colleague Neil Struther of Jupiter Research has discovered that forty-two percent of consumers have an interest in watching free, ad-supported video on their mobile phones. Now just think about it what an opportunity for the telecoms business to provide a mobile ‘you tube’. I wonder who will take a shot at that, TDC Mobile or Telenor, or both. Now just think about mobile video search as the next big thing.

SAS, a humble suggestion!

September 27, 2007

More than a third of Danes have expressed a lack of credibility in Scandinavian Airlines, the national flat carrier and over half the population no longer believe what the company is expressing and may be hiding the truth. Is it not about time for our Icelandic benefactors again to come to the rescue? What about an Icelandic take-over of SAS, and a merger with the fused Mærsk Air and Sterling, the blue and the red? This would be much more agreeable politically than an inevitable Lufthansa constellation. By the way, Iceland Air has an enviable reputation, is highly profitable, has motivated  employees who also look good, and best of all are crack shots at imaginative marketing in the global airline industry. They could teach SAS a trick or two!

Google is not welcome here.

September 26, 2007

 NewsPAPER companies in Denmark conspire to prevent Google News from making life easier for me and millions of news hungry ‘prosumers’? I think the Online Media Association FDIM has a bee in its bonnet about the largest Web Media company on the globe. As I understand it they are more concerned with preventing Google making life easier for millions of readers (myself included), than competing with each other. This will continue until one snaps(most likely Mecom Berlingkske) and surrenders to a deal you just can’t say no to. Then the other guys will have missed the boat, and stand to lose even more! This is even more fun than watching the reaction to the erstwhile entrant to the market Icelandic 365Media with the free Nyhedsavisen. After all  Icelandic vikings are minions compared to Google Royalty, so how long can this go on, I ask?

Google News in Denmark?

September 19, 2007

Where is it? I keep checking each day to find my Google news in Denmark and to no avail. I can read it for the other Nordic countries, but not Denmark. Has Google forgotton the Danish Kingdom altogether? Why do I have to look up all those local media sites and remember what they are called, just because Google has forgotten me. I think it is because media companies like Berlingske and JP Politiken (and DR), have put a script on their site that says (robot.txt), keep out of our turf!

How long can this last? Not long I believe.

The Big Issue

September 18, 2007

Enterprises continue to adopt web technologies and ‘web 2.0’ trends, but there are two common threads to this adoption. One is that web technologies are step-by-step being adopted by enterprises, but they aren’t yet ready to usurp many desktop software apps. The Google Apps vs Microsoft Office debate currently raging is proof of that. The second thread is that enterprises have a fear of web 2.0 tools being mis-used by their employees.

As always Web 2.0 will challenge the existing power structures within corporations. Few existing officers of formal power in the corporation (read CIO or CEO), have any idea of the brains that can be harnessed within their strata of employees, and certainly wiki power will only serve to undermine their centralized control. How can you supplant central executive control with employee creativity and anarchy?

Universal Search is coming to Europe, step by step.

September 17, 2007

If you think Google has fired its best salvo, then wait to try Universal Search, just introduced in the US last week.  It combines all elements of Vertical, Geographical, Local, as well as Horizontal Search to utterly and irrevocably bring a holistic relevancy to search. John Batelles’ vision of the ‘Database of Intentions’ is inexorably upon us. The big issue is can we trust Google to protect our digital click stream, so that it is not abused? I have my doubts!