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High Definition TV, What for?

December 11, 2007

High Definition TV is not for the Danes. The state has granted in its wisdom Kr 4.7 Billion (€626 million), for a new TV building that will most likely be viewed in low definition picture  quality by the Danes, at least until 2012! Around 1 million households have invested in flat screen high resolution devices that can not receive decent picture quality from the public Digital Terrestrial Network, unless of course they pay private Sattellite or Cable companies for the pleasure. I am one of them and subscribe to the Murdoch owned Sky network with Movies, Documenteries and best of all Champions League Soccer matches in Full HD 1080 quality. The odd thing is that I had to use my brothers address in West London borough of Harrow to access these services, as I was refused them with a Danish address, North of Copenhagen. For those of you who really want to understand the contorted logic of this situation you can follow the explanation in Joachim Sperlings blog today