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Is TV2 a public service?

December 12, 2007

Every private media company i speak to these days, mention little of the competition between themselves. Does Bonnier really compete with Aller? Do the newspapers compete with each other? Forgive me for saying this they don’t! Although there are 4 free daily newspapers in this small country of Denmark and just as many paid daily national newspapers, there is a sort of club between the old guard Berlingske og JP Politiken, while the renegade Icelanders and MTG Metro are just a nuisance to the established order, and no more than this. No my friends the real competitor to this collection of Magazine and newspaper publishers is in reality none other than TV2, a state owned and controlled public broadcaster.

 The broadcaster has a popular on-line presence with a subscription base(and advertising) and has among other things created TV2 sport with an exclusive partnership for MTG Viasat. It has launched a book publishing unit and a commercial radio 2 station. Now I wonder whats next, a magazine for the broad masses to complement content on-line? What about another free daily newspaper?

Is the company being fattened up at the expense of private media companies, in order for the government to make a sell-off to the same private contenders, and consequently double the revenue to the exchequer? Now whats wrong with that?