The user in the driving seat.

For those of you not privileged to understand Danish hard luck! Gyldendal has published Kinsten Dinesens’ book in Danish entitled ’Forbrugeren i Førersædet’, a wonderful exposure of the business elements of digital marketing particularly as it relates to search and the consumer experience.

It is a convincing treatise enforcing our new reality which forecasts that by 2012 over 70% of the western population will interact more resources and time online than offline leading to unprecedented demands on management to understand ‘ the pull society’. Kirsten Dinesen dissects all the elements in terms of mass media and the management challenge of reversing centuries old customs of communicating with markets in a broadcast model. She demonstrates that ‘media-of-the-masses’ will out manoeuvre the old ‘push society’ communication paradigm and usher in an age of social and dialogue. I highly recommend this book for its demonstrable clarity of purpose and as a credible tool for strategic management digital planning. Well done Kirsten- from an old fan!


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